Saturday, 19 March 2016

Un Certain Regard Mix

LFO - Freak 
Hardcell – Xor
Inigo Kennedy – The Secondary
Obscurum – Dom
Machine Codes – Squash It
Jamie Bissmire – Ground Syndrome 1
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green (Dave Clarke Remix)
Leftfield – Double Flash
DJ Milton – Work
Ceephax Acid Crew – Dennis Weaver Acid
Encephaloid Disturbance – Magnetic Neurosis 
Leo Laker - TM1
Ken Ishii – Extra (Luke Slater Remix)
Mark EG & Chrissi – Compressed
Voodoo Child – Horses
Neil Landstrumm – Shuttlecock
Paul Johnson – Feel My MF Bass
Mike Parker – Protolanguage 
Excerpt from Bad Boy Bubby
Max Duley – Own Worst Enemy
Robert Armani – Armani Trax Part 2
The Prodigy – Full Throttle
Jeff Mills – The Extremist (DNA Remix)
Takaaki Itoh – Two Way
DJ Skitzo – Buy Out
Public Energy – Three O’ Three
DJ Ze Mig L – Squeeker Box
Deuce – Twerp Wiz
Surgeon – La Real
Surgeon – Magneze
Jeff Mills Vs The Subjects – The Beyond
Joe T. Vanelli – Playing With the Voices Inside (Joey Beltram Remix)
Ceephax Acid Crew – Acid Surf Dream
Christian Bloch – Hi-Fi
Regis – Execution Ground
James Ruskin – Detached
D.A.F. – Als War’s Das Letzte Mal
Excerpt from The Terminator

Twisted Curve - Hue Helix Records Mix Pt. 2

Go Hiyama - Memory of Reality
Go Hiyama - Soubnd Scape with Ring
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Begining of the End
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Disclosure
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Inevitability
Go Hiyama - Swell
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Uncertainty
Nil - Absorb
Nil - Blink (Ryuiji Takeuchi remix)
Go Hiyama - Head of Road
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Abnormal Termination
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Left Behind
Go Hiyama - Lecor/W
Kazuya Kawakami - Haunt
Ryuiji Takeuchi - I Hate this Shit
Tomohiko Sagae - Broken Chair One
Go Hiyama - Niteroi
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Dirty Mind
Oscar Mueloro - Resistance (Go Hiyama remix)
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Evil Dance
Tomohiko Sagae - Lanikai Beach
Go Hiyama - Lecor/B
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Out of Circle
Nil - Nil (Kazuya Kawakami remix)
Oscar Mulero - Breakdown (Ryuiji Takeuchi remix)
Go Hiyama - Inveterate
Go Hiyama - Look Back
Oscar Mulero - Resistance
Tomohiko Sagae - Eyestrain
Tomohiko Sagae - Two O'Clock Man
Nil - Blink (Go Hiyama remix)
Oscar Mulero - Breakdown (Kazuya Kawakamio remix)
Go Hiyama - Inequality
Nil - Upbringing (Tomohiko Sagae remix)
Tonohiko Sagae - DSP2
Go Hiyama - Texture 101 (Nil remix)
Go Hiyama - Texture 98
Nil - Blink
Kazuya Kawakami - Bermuda Triangle
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Capability

Twisted Curve - Hue Helix Records Mix Pt. 1

Ryuji Takeuchi - Sense of Stgnation
Ryuji Takeuchi - Incompleteness
Ryuji Takeuchi - Core Details
Nil - Nil (Go Hiyama remix)
Nil - Nil
Ryuji Takeuchi - All Doors Closed
Nil - Blink (Ryuji Takeuchi remix)
Go Hiyama - Quibble
Oscar Mulero - Breakdown
Go Hiyama - Texture 102
Kazuya Kawakami - Sargasso
Nil - Tambour Restraint
Oscar Mulero - Residence (Digital Edition)
Go Hiyama - Grid
Kazuya Kawakami - Bean Sidhe
Tomohiko Sagae - Broken Chair Two
Oscar Mulero - Breakdown (Ryuji Takeuchi remix)
Go Hiyama - Defector
Go Hiyama - Neimayer
Nil - Upbinging
Tomohiko Sagae - Mental Anguish
Go Hiyama - Free Curve
Nil - Nil (Tomohiko Sagae remix)
Go Hiyama - Texture 101
Ryuji Takeuchi - Fatigue
Oscar Mulero - Dark Encounter (Tomohiko Sagae remix)
Kazuya Kawakami - Concerted Action
Go Hiyama - Universally Gap
Nil - World Ambitions
Ryuji Takeuchi - Constancy
Oscar Mulero - Dark Encounter
Ryuji Takeuchi - Geradeus
Go Hiyama - Woman Curve
Nil - Upbringing (Kazuya Kawakami remix)
Nil - Undergo
Go Hiyama - Slant
Ryuji Takeuchi - Possibility
Kazuya Kawakami - Mariana Trench
Tomohiko Sagae - DSP 1

Slave to the Rave - Amen Andrews Mix

Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - London 
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Barrave
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Grime II Dark
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Grave
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Play 
Amen Andrews - Evil Rave
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Screwface
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Like a machine
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - 1 Shot Killer Pussy
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Intelligent
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Amen Andrews
Amen Andrews - Renegade
Amen Andrews - Babylon
Amen Andrews - Junglebunny
Amen Andrews - Amental 
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Junglism
Amen Andrews - Fast & Bulbous
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Murder
Amen Andrews - London
Amen Andrews - Thameslick
Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke - Multiple Stab Wounds
Amen Andrews - Dx
Amen Andrews - Blomen
Amen Andrews - Starbase one
Amen Andrews - Thinrider
Amen Andrews - Guilty
Amen Andrews - Fear 
Amen Andrews - 1000001 Style
Amen Andrews - Rock

Dancefloor Dynamic II Mix

Sandwell District - Immolare (First) 
Charanjit Singh - Raga Madhuvanti
Andrea Parker - The Swamp
Darkstar - Aidy's Girl Is A Computer
Daft Punk - Phoenix
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
Thomas Brinkmann - Trixie
Grauzone - Raum
Armand Van Helden - Necessary Evil
Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix)
2562 - Kameleon
Front 242 - No Shuffle
Peshay - Robotics
Soft Cell - A Man Could Get Lost
Hot Chip - Over and Over
Dave Clarke - Miles Away
Ceephax Acid Crew - Refresher
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
Boom Bip - The Move
Radiohead - Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix)
Last Step - Baby Powder
Flying Kylies - Can't Get Money out Of My Head

Start with the Bass and the Rest will Follow Mix

Rebound X - Rhythm 'n' Gash
Skepta - UFO
Aftershock - Warning
Plasticman - Cha VIP
Preditah - The Big Wok
DOK - East Coast
JME - Murking (Spooky's Dub)
Geeneus - Parasite
Search and Destroy - Anger
Benga - Duel
Compound One - Get Loose
Cyrus - Manhattan Blues
Headhunter - Drop the Waste
TRG - Broken Heart
Tunnidge - Dark Skies
Youngsta - Destruction
Plastician - Deep
Vex'd - 3rd Choice (Loefah remix)
Omen - Frontline
Headhunter - Spyro
Compound One - Perhaps the Darkness
Headhunter - Descent
2562 - Techno Dread
Cyrus - The Watcher
Darwan - Megatection 
Loefah - Disco Rekah
Pinch - Gangstaz (feat. Juakali)
Skream - Dutch Flowerz
Mala - Left Leg Out
The Bug - Jah War (Loefah remix)
Tunnidge - Riddles of Jah VIP
Headhunter - Sushi Brain
2562 - Channel Two
Distance - Taipan
Distance - Delight

Struggles With Displeasure - Wim Mertens Mix

Insert Coin
Le Noir
In 3 or 4 Days
Collateral Damage
Gentlemen of Leisure
So That
2 and 3 is 1
The Aural Trick
Silver Linings 
The Ship
4 Mains
C Ntent Melodiae
Struggle for Pleasure
Often a Bird